Distancing Differently

I wrote the following words (from the depths of a fit of self pity) a couple of weeks ago, but didn't yet have the insight to complete the post. I humbly submit to you that I believe I have greater clarity now than I did then. As COVID-19 descends upon our world and we all… Continue reading Distancing Differently

Making a Home

Environmentally Conscious, or Just Cheap?

I use cloth diapers, cloth napkins, homemade cleaners, reusable containers,  and I line dry as much of our clothing as I can. From all appearances, I could be quite environmentally conscious, but the reality is that I am just cheap. Over time, all of these choices save money. I like knowing that I save a… Continue reading Environmentally Conscious, or Just Cheap?


The Lord Cares For Me (and My Children, Too!)

This past weekend, Robert and I took the kids to Moody Gardens for a quick mini-vacation.  I read somewhere that travel with kids is never a vacation, but rather a trip. So true. After a fun morning, I generously offered to handle nap time at the hotel so Robert could have some time by himself.… Continue reading The Lord Cares For Me (and My Children, Too!)

Marriage · Parenting

A Quarrelsome Wife

Recently, I have been a patient Mama to our Dear Boy. He is two and a half, and we feel the infamous terrible twos all the way to our toes. Still, I speak softly, extend grace, and offer gentle correction. Our LoveBug is a precious little girl, but she is still an infant, completely dependent upon… Continue reading A Quarrelsome Wife

Making a Home · Marriage · Parenting

Whirlwinds of Change

Wow. It's been a long time, but for the best reason. We have a new little one around here, and she is a sweet, smiley little thing. Having two tiny tots has rocked our world, though. We're treading water, not even trying to swim, but I'm resting in the knowledge that I can't do it… Continue reading Whirlwinds of Change