Distancing Differently

I wrote the following words (from the depths of a fit of self pity) a couple of weeks ago, but didn't yet have the insight to complete the post. I humbly submit to you that I believe I have greater clarity now than I did then. As COVID-19 descends upon our world and we all… Continue reading Distancing Differently

Making a Home

Environmentally Conscious, or Just Cheap?

I use cloth diapers, cloth napkins, homemade cleaners, reusable containers,  and I line dry as much of our clothing as I can. From all appearances, I could be quite environmentally conscious, but the reality is that I am just cheap. Over time, all of these choices save money. I like knowing that I save a… Continue reading Environmentally Conscious, or Just Cheap?


The Lord Cares For Me (and My Children, Too!)

This past weekend, Robert and I took the kids to Moody Gardens for a quick mini-vacation.  I read somewhere that travel with kids is never a vacation, but rather a trip. So true. After a fun morning, I generously offered to handle nap time at the hotel so Robert could have some time by himself.… Continue reading The Lord Cares For Me (and My Children, Too!)

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A Quarrelsome Wife

Recently, I have been a patient Mama to our Dear Boy. He is two and a half, and we feel the infamous terrible twos all the way to our toes. Still, I speak softly, extend grace, and offer gentle correction. Our LoveBug is a precious little girl, but she is still an infant, completely dependent upon… Continue reading A Quarrelsome Wife

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Whirlwinds of Change

Wow. It's been a long time, but for the best reason. We have a new little one around here, and she is a sweet, smiley little thing. Having two tiny tots has rocked our world, though. We're treading water, not even trying to swim, but I'm resting in the knowledge that I can't do it… Continue reading Whirlwinds of Change

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Guest Post: When Motherhood Becomes an Idol

The following is a guest post written by Rebekah Hargraves, author of the new book, Lies Moms Believe, and the companion Bible study. I hope that you grow from reading her words, as I have. As is often the case, this post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made using these links will earn Quiet(ish) Spirit a small commission.… Continue reading Guest Post: When Motherhood Becomes an Idol


Words on Wealth: Wisdom from my Students, Volume 2

  In January, I shared a post including some words from my students. Today, I am sharing the next edition of their wisdom. As before, I am adding very little commentary to allow the weight of their words to be felt. Jobs "You live in that big white house, don't you, Miss?" "I live in… Continue reading Words on Wealth: Wisdom from my Students, Volume 2

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Little Letters: February 2018

Each month, Kristin at Taz+Belly hosts this fun Little Letters Linkup.  Dear Robert, I'm sorry I was unkind yesterday. Thank you for letting today be a new day. I am forever grateful for you. Will you be my Valentine? Dear Master Bedroom, It's been less than a week, but I miss you. I have every intention of slathering… Continue reading Little Letters: February 2018