Trying Again

This is my fourth time to start a blog. How’s that for full disclosure? Even as I type this,  I wonder how long this one will last. I already have too many hobbies, and I have a tendency to ramble in my writing.

How is this going to work?  During nap time, that’s how. For the past few months, I have taken to saying that life happens during nap time. The truth is, to-do lists happen during nap time, but life (and love!) happen when my little one is awake, making sweet sounds,  and when his daddy is home, giving both of us attention after an already long day.

I am a stay-at-home mama to a 10 month old baby boy. My husband and I are (slowly) working to fix up our 1937 home. I love to cook, knit, run, garden, read, journal in my Bible and play with my sewing machine. (I told you I have too many hobbies.) My hope for this space is to document and share the Lord’s work in my life, as well as to provide opportunities for connection and conversation in our busy world.

Come along with me in my adventures as a Jesus-following boy mom who sometimes rambles with the best of intentions.


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