Peace in the Not Now

“You should sell those!”

“Do you have any idea what people would pay for that?”

“You’re so good at that! You should make it a business!”

As a person who enjoys making things, I have heard the above comments countless times. I have believed them. I have been convinced that the way to happiness is turning my hobby into my job. I have gone so far as creating product prototypes, analyzing prices and setting up an Etsy shop; I just never pressed the button to have the shop go live.

Because of this, I have berated myself for hesitating, for not having the drive to make it happen.

No more.

After prayer and consideration, I have complete peace in saying, “Not now.” Maybe someday I will sell the things I love to make, but for now I enjoy giving them to people I love, perhaps with the occasional commissioned piece. For now, my hobbies will stay hobbies: a means of relaxing, a creative outlet, a way to give the gift of time. And now, I am okay with that.

It’s refreshing to feel free to say maybe. So often, I force myself to make a firm decision, then I question whether or not I made the right one. Not this time. I am happy to rest in my uncertainty about what the future holds, taking each day as it comes. Above all, I am thankful to have this option. I am thankful for the chance to spend my days with a sweet baby without the stress of building a career or starting a business. I am thankful for peace in the not now.



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