A Little Greenery

There is something completely free that is infusing happiness into my home this week. It’s nothing groundbreaking, and it’s so simple that you may think, “How did I not think of that myself?” (You may also think, “That’s so simple and obvious. Why did she feel the need to blog about that?”)

12A32FBC-AF3D-4186-AA74-229E180EEF33 (1)I pruned some bushes in my yard. (Nandina and boxwood, if you’re wondering.) Then, I put the clippings in vases and placed the vases around my house.

That’s it.

Ridiculously simple, I know, but it’s bringing me some joy.

What simple things are bringing you joy this week?


One thought on “A Little Greenery

  1. Discovering your blog brings me joy today because I knew before I read it you would open my eyes and my heart in some way.
    John 15:2


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