Little Letters

Kristin over at Taz + Belly hosts this monthly link up full of little letters to people, places, and things. After you read this post, go check out her blog! It’s one of my favorites.

Dear First Teeth,

Thank you for coming in without causing too much fuss. Please tell your friends to do the same.

Dear Rainy Weather,

It has been so good to see you lately. That is a rare treat in August. Feel free to stay awhile.

Dear Fancy Origami Paper,

I knew I kept you for all these years of not folding for a good reason. Your thin pages work so well to add color to my Bible journaling without adding too much bulk. I enjoy your bold prints and floral patterns.

Dear Date Night,

Where have you been lately? I’ve seen you around, but we can’t seem to make time for one another as regularly as I would like. Clear your calendar for next Thursday, okay? I missed you this week.

Dear Birkenstocks,

You’re my favorite shoes. I love that you go with almost anything and that you keep looking better with age.

Dear Bedroom Walls,

Soon- I promise- you will be painted and pretty.

Dear Podcasts,

Please don’t read the next letter.

Dear Audio Books,

I’m sorry that I turned my nose up at you for so long. Forgive me. You really are a wonderful companion when my hands are busy. I like you even more than I like podcasts.


Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Little Letters

    1. I listened to The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom, now listening to Poe’s short stories. I’ve also listened to The Help recently, which was fabulous as an audio book.

      I listened to the Chronicles of Narnia as a child (on tape!). Maybe I should revisit those!

      I’m using our public library app, so availability is a little slim. I’d love to hear other suggestions, though!


      1. Some good ones – I absolutely loved The Help. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith (pseudonym of JK Rowling) were also amazing on audio. 🙂 I listen on my library’s app as well, so I hear you on the options.


  1. How old is your little one? Our daughter is almost 16 months old and is holding steady at two teeth. I feel like she’s been teething forever!!

    Also, your letter to podcasts made me laugh out loud!


    1. Our little man is 10 months old. He took his time getting the first teeth, even though people started telling us he was teething 8 months ago! We’ll see how long it takes to get the next ones.

      I’m glad I could make you laugh!


  2. Enjoyed reading your letters + finding your blog!
    P.S.: I read your “About Me” section & have to say, I feel like an old soul in this crazy world, too. =)


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