The Daily Dime

This day-in-the-life post is part of a monthly linkup; just take ten pictures, share your day, and join in! One of the hosts is Jennifer, from Life in the Green House. Check her out!

Daily Dime 1

7:00 am

Yesterday, Robert went to work early, so I woke up to an empty bed. My first thought upon waking up was that I had not made his lunch. When I found that he had made his own, I think I swooned just a tiny bit. He really is wonderful, y’all.

Daily Dime 2

7:40 am

I laid in bed until I heard some cooing from down the hall, then our little boy and I started our day. This gem of a photograph was captured while I cleaned up breakfast. He has found many unconventional ways to enjoy this walker!

Daily Dime 3

9:15 am

During morning nap time, I worked on lesson plans. I want to be more intentional about providing developmental opportunities, so I chose some “subjects” and started planning.

Daily Dime 4

10:00 am

After lesson planning, I switched to meal planning. Can you tell that I like having plans? This stack of cook books accumulated as I worked on creating a calendar of meals for the next week.

Daily Dime 5

12:10 pm

I put this mat together for the third time today. Our little guy loves taking it apart. I roll my eyes, but I love his playful, mischievous nature. Keep the messes coming, little love. I’ll even chase down the stray coasters that you love to carry all over the house. 

Daily Dime 6

2:30 pm

During the afternoon nap, I managed to sneak in some restful knitting time. When I have the opportunity to work on my hobbies and engage in Bible study during the day, I am in a much better frame of mind (i.e., I am much more capable of handling the little man’s needy moments). I’m so thankful I had this time, since Robert had to work late.

Daily Dime 7

3:20 pm

One of the “subjects” in the lesson plan is a Bible lesson; we will be doing several activities with the same story throughout the week. This week, we are learning about Noah’s ark. I look forward to these lessons becoming more interactive as our sweet boy grows.

Daily Dime 8

5:05 pm

I finished preparing some happy mail for a friend, just a little too late to get it to the post office.

Daily Dime 9

6:50 pm

I accepted that Robert would not be home for a reasonable dinner time, so I ate some of his sugary cereal to tide me over while I gave the baby some much healthier leftovers.

Daily Dime 10

9:30 pm 

We snuggled on the couch before crawling into bed a little after ten. Not a bad day. Not at all.

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