A Prayer Walk

I had an amazing experience last night, one of those that keeps you up for hours as you relive it’s glory: I listened to several young ladies pray for their school. On Back-To-School Eve, they chose to gather and seek God.

As we walked around the campus, led by a newly minted high school senior, these beautiful girls lifted up every teacher by name. Together, we filled the hallways with prayer. We invited God to overtake the campus, and we asked him to bless the school year. The prayers were not trite or rehearsed, but deeply personal. Some of them were for teachers and students that the girls know well, others for those who were a faceless name. One prayer for a special needs student brought tears to my eyes with it’s earnest plea.

Today, the young ladies begin their school year. I am praying for them as they attend their classes. I am praying for their faith to impact their teachers and classmates. Mostly, though, I am thanking God for the way he has already touched their school (and me) through their sweet prayers.

A special thanks goes out to the school counselor who escorted us on our prayer walk, and to the principal who encourages students as they grow into leaders. I also thank the girls who ministered to their school last night. I am privileged to know such faithful young ladies, and I am honored that they allow me to serve alongside them. I expected to minister to them last night, but the reality was that they ministered to me.


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