Products I Love for Bath Time Sensory Play

This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made using these links will earn Quiet(ish) Spirit a small commission. However, this is not a sponsored post. All items reviewed were purchased at their regular price. For more information, see our Disclosure.

One of our goals for our sweet boy is for him to have a sensory experience every day. Often, sensory play is messy. Sometimes I want to create a stimulating experience, but I do not want to make a mess that I have to clean later. The products I am reviewing in this post have been my solution. With bath time sensory play, the mess drains away with the bath water!

These items would also make great gifts for children in a wide range of ages. We started using them at 6 months of age, and I think they will continue to be fun for several years. I also know that many parents (myself included) are trying to avoid having our homes taken over by toys, and consumable gifts like soaps and art supplies stimulate hours of creative play without filling the nursery with toys. They would also make great stocking stuffers.

It is important to note that the links I have provided will connect you to the items on Amazon, but I purchased these at our local Walmart. For these particular items, Walmart prices were significantly cheaper.

Finger PaintFinger Paint

These fingerpaint soaps are vivid colors that blend well. When our little one is swirling these with his fingers, he is seeing how colors combine to form new hues.

To use these, I squirt a small amount of each of the three colors on the side of the tub. They are thinner than I would like, but as this is an inexpensive product, I’m okay with imperfection.

When he is “all done”, we rinse the paint off of the side of the tub by splashing with bathwater. Easy! No residues left behind. I have even accidentally let these dry on the tub, and a wet washcloth wiped them away with minimal effort.

We have used these more than a dozen times, and we have not needed to replace any of the colors.

Pros: Sensory and color experience, easy clean-up

Cons: A little runny, limited selection of colors

Bath FoamFoam

This product is similar to shaving cream. It did not take long for our little guy to realize that it floats. He puts clouds of the foam in the water, then tries to scoop it up with a measuring cup or his hands.

We squirt this on the side of the tub, and he uses it like finger paint.

Pros: Unique texture, easy clean-up

Cons: Cloying artificial scent

Color DropsBath Drops

These tablets dissolve in water, tinting the bath. They are primary colors, and by using different combinations, you can create other colors. We drop these in the tub of water while our little one watches. He is intrigued by the swirls of color, but I think he would try to eat the tablets if I put him in the tub before they dissolved completely.

Once in the tub, our sweet boy likes to lower his hands into the colored water. He loses interest in this product quickly though, probably because it does not change the bath time experience very dramatically.

Pros: Good introduction to color theory, all of the color drains with the bath water

Cons: Requires more than one tablet for rich colors

I hope you get to enjoy some creative play with a wee one in your life soon!


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