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Currently, January 2018

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This is my first time to participate in this monthly linkup hosted by Anne at In Residence. It’s a simple way to share what is happening “currently” in my life.


Starting: To yearn for Spring. We have had more cold weather than is typical for our region, and I am ready to return to short sleeves and shorts. I always look forward to the beginning of cold weather with visions of cocoa and couch cuddles, but I am happiest in warmer weather.

Hoping: For many of my students to receive good news about their state tests. I teach students who are re-taking the Algebra 1 End-Of-Course Test because they have failed it previously. We will receive their scores from the December administration soon, and I hope they were successful.

Scheduling: Housekeeping tasks. I usually stick to a cleaning schedule to keep our house relatively tidy, but over the Christmas holidays, I totally let it go. It’s time to return to the routine, and if it doesn’t get scheduled in my planner, it doesn’t happen.

Reading: Home Education by Charlotte Mason. I am about fifty pages in, and every word is beautiful. The writing stirs my heart and the content urges me to nurture my growing child in an inspiring, simple environment.

“And first, let us consider where and what the little being is who is entrusted to the care of human parents. A tablet to be written upon? A twig to be bent? Wax to be moulded? Very likely; but he is much more- a being belonging to an altogether higher estate than ours; as it were, a prince committed to the fostering care of peasants.” Home Education by Charlotte Mason

Playing: New board games! My husband loves quirky, independent sorts of games and received several for Christmas. We are especially enjoying Labyrinth and Codenames. Both of these games involve enough thinking and strategy for Robert, but they are engaging and fast-paced enough for me.


What about you? What are you up to currently? Are you like me, yearning for Spring and struggling to maintain a tidy home? Have you found something to read or play that brings light to dark, wintry days? Fill me in in the comments.


One thought on “Currently, January 2018

  1. I’m with you on those feelings about warm weather… sometimes I really question my life choices in moving back to Michigan this time of year, ha! And we used to love playing Labyrinth – this makes me think I should dig it back up. Thanks for linking up!


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