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Little Letters: January 2018

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Each month, Kristin at Taz+Belly hosts this fun Little Letters Linkup. 

Dear Whole30,

I love you. I hate you. I’m on day 12 of my third round, and I’m feeling deprived, but healthy and strong. I know that at the end of January I will be thanking you for helping me to start the new year by feeding myself and my family well.

Dear Cuties,

You’re sweet, seedless, easy to peel, and my dear little boy’s absolute favorite food. Keep doing what you do.

Dear Kate DiCamillo,

Your stories entertain my brain and grow my heart. Robert and I laughed our way through the audio book of The Tale of Despereaux recently, and I just rode the wave of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. I am perfectly content to read your work as an adult, but I anxiously await the day that I get to read these tales with a child (who can sit still for longer than the twinkling of an eye).

Dear Fantastico,

You have long been one of my favorite cookbooks, but we haven’t spent much time together in a while. This month’s menu is set to change that, but now I’m nervous because your Avocado with Saffron Crab let me down tonight. I’m hoping that the other four recipes we’re trying out for the first time this week don’t disappoint. I’m counting on you.

Dear Excercise Goals,

Someday. Some day.



6 thoughts on “Little Letters: January 2018

  1. Props to you on the past Whole 30 successes and the good work on the current one. I’ve never made it past Day 18, and I’m not allowed to even utter the words Whole 30 to my husband, mom, or friends ever again!


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