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Currently, February 2018

This post is part of a monthly linkup hosted by Anne at In Residence. It’s a simple way to share what is happening “currently” in my life.


Finishing: Our bedroom renovation! I ripped out the drywall months ago, and I finally put the final coat of polyurethane on the wood floors this morning. Hopefully our sweet boy will take miraculously long naps this weekend so we can paint the walls.

Subscribing: To less all the time. I finally took the time to unsubscribe from many unwanted email lists, I receive fewer magazines, and we cancelled our Sling TV subscription. Simplifying our inputs, y’all.

I am looking for an RSS feed management system that works for me so I can subscribe more easily to the virtual things I enjoy. I don’t want to miss any posts from my favorite blogs! If you use an RSS feed, tell me which one and why.

Wishlisting: Plants. Houseplants, heirloom veggies, spring blooms. I could spend our annual lawn and garden budget all at once this time of year. I love beginning again with fresh, bright green in the springtime. I’m specifically longing for a large, mature monstera for our den. I know it would be perfect perched atop the shelf Robert is building.

Watching: Absolutely nothing. As I said, we unsubscribed from our TV service, and we do not watch TV with our little one around. I imagine we may squeeze in some Olympic viewing after bedtime in the next couple of weeks, however.

Hearting: Easy meals. I always have some homemade freezer meals that make our evenings a little smoother, and I find myself repeatedly turning to recipes that I can prep quickly.

Over all, I guess my theme right now is simplifying, except for plants. I recently spoke with a friend who does not have any children, and she asked me what it was like. “Tired,” I told her, “I’m tired all the time. I love our dear boy so much, and I wouldn’t trade it, but I could always use more rest.” I guess that is why everything is currently about making life simpler.



2 thoughts on “Currently, February 2018

  1. Yes to getting rid of that junk email, and to simplifying in general! I used to clean out all of those email subscriptions a while ago and am so glad I did – made the process super easy too.


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