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Little Letters: February 2018

Each month, Kristin at Taz+Belly hosts this fun Little Letters Linkup. 

Dear Robert,

I’m sorry I was unkind yesterday. Thank you for letting today be a new day. I am forever grateful for you. Will you be my Valentine?

Dear Master Bedroom,

It’s been less than a week, but I miss you. I have every intention of slathering you in paint tonight, and moving back in later this week. Your makeover really is nearing completion! I know I wrote almost exactly the same thing in August’s Little Letters, but this time I mean it!

Dear Sheet Pan Suppers,

You are truly my generation’s healthier version of the casseroles of yesteryear. I enjoy roasted veggies and one-dish meals, and you are the perfect marriage of those two things. I especially enjoy including mushrooms and sausage. Mmm…

Dear Baby Boy,
You just learned to blow kisses and fist bump. I love it so much, and I’m sure that everyone in Walmart enjoyed receiving your affection as we shopped this week. Those blown kisses are so sweet, they must have made someone’s day!

Dear Blog Readers,

I’m glad you’re here. I hope you are encouraged, strengthened, and entertained when you are here. Let me know what you like and what changes you want to see. I am trying to be more consistent with posts, but mostly I am thankful for this place to share my thoughts, however sporadically.








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